Missi Love is a traditional artist based in germany with a unique style and a lot of different motives.
You can either visit her website or her Facebook-page to take a further look at her art.

We’ve known each other for a few years now through gaming. It was before I even started my art-journey and she also was the first person, whose art I admired.
With her support, I kept on practicing and drawing, while I also worked on my design-skills.
As I’m more of the technical skilled kind of guy, she often asked for my help in terms of design or web or even print products.

Together we worked amongst other things on the book-covers for Rebecca Hünickes (she also got a website!) novels.
Missi Love did the awesome paintings and drawings and I afterswards put all this things together, designed the typography and made sure, the finished PDF was ready to be printed.

Einmal Mondstern und zurück
Hünicke, Rebecca 2015: Einmal Mondstern und zurück. Ihlow.
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